February Rut

February is almost over and I’m not gonna lie, I’m glad to see it go. I’ve read so many blog posts about being in a rut in February and I am right there with you. We are sick of Winter and our bodies are craving the vitamin D that comes from being outside in the sunshine. We are ready to plant flowers and vegetable gardens, dig out our flip-flops and pack away the boots, fold up the 15 quilts we keep on the bed and the electric blanket. Dark colors like red, green and black are just depressing, we long for pastels and bright happy colors in our world. 

Along with just feeling bleh, we are less productive and even less motivated. SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder plagues some of us and just getting through the mundane things like laundry, cooking and even taking a shower are a momentous task. 

If you can relate to any of the above, be sure and go easy on yourself! Self care is important but even more so when you are feeling down. Loose the guilt over not getting something done or gaining a couple pounds and just let yourself feel how you feel. No need to psychoanalyze all the reasons you are a horrible person. Don’t believe the stuff your mind tries to tell you. You are not alone and millions of people feel the same way.

Spring will be here soon but until it is, put your mental health needs at the top of your priority list. Drink your water, meditate, pray, read, get out of the house, reach out to your friends, exercise, eat well, but mostly just he kind to yourself. 

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