Goodbye January, Hello February

Well, that’s a wrap for January! I am so happy at the progress my new little blog is making. I enjoy writing about whatever strikes my fancy and having this creative outlet to make me feel like I have a purpose is so theraputic. Thank you to my new followers and to everyone one who liked or commented on my posts. I appreciate it so much more than you know!

February is here…well in a few hours it will be, and that means everything is hearts and roses, right? I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day fan, but since it is a holiday for romance and I love to read and write romance, I’ve decided to do a little research for some new romance books to add to my TBR list. As usual, if I am going to buy an actual paper and ink book, the cover has to appeal to me. If I am going to read it on my kindle app, the cover is much less important. Here are some ideas I have come up with for February.

No, I’m not reading all of these in February, but they are now on my TO BE READ list. I’m also thinking of joining the Scribbler subscription box. It’s a monthly subscription that includes an autographed, fiction, best seller as well as some goodies and notes for writers. Here is more info if you’d like to check it out. Scribbler Subscription box

What are you reading this month? I love to see what other people are reading and if they are enjoying it.

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