My Office Reveal

A pretty space just for me!

A labor of love

Right before Christmas I told my BF that I wanted to re-decorate the spare room so I could have a a place to write and a place to feel girly. His first words were, ”As long as it’s not pink.” Well, guess what? I guess you could call it peach.  Wink 😉

I moved in with him several years ago but I’ve never really had a space that was all mine, to decorate as I wish and without all his junk in it. The house isn’t very big and lets just say that it’s filled to capacity! In fact, I had to get rid of a lot of my own personal things because there just wasn’t room for them. I’m not complaining. It was my choice to do so. Still, I’ve been feeling like I needed a space where I could feel feminine as well as be productive. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

He worked really hard and it shows. Most of the furniture that was in there has been passed on to someone who needs it, and some has been temporarily relocated till we figure out what to do with it.

He pulled the dirty old carpet up and we found original, hardwood floors underneath. They were coated in some strange funk that I don’t even want to know what. He sanded and re-sanded it till all the gunk and finish was removed and just naked, smooth hardwood was left. Next he stained it to match our kitchen and bath as close as possible. The color of the stain we used is Colonial Maple by MinWax. Then he sealed it and put trim around the edges. Looks great doesn’t it?

I finally have a pretty space all to myself!

Goodbye dark and dingy catch all room, hello feminine office/vanity area.

I created a Pinterest board full of decorating and furnishing ideas because yeah, I’m a Pinterest addict and we have a pin board for everything! After searching for white furniture that wouldn’t break the bank, I decided on this desk and file cabinet from IKEA. I can hide all my power cords in the back compartment of the desk and that and the nice size is what sold me. The bookshelves are also from IKEA and have nice big drawers on the bottom for storage.

The paint color I chose is called Pine Hutch from Glidden. I gotta admit, it’s a lot lighter than I thought it would be. I love it! It’s a peachy pink that brightens up the room so much, yet still feels warm and cozy.

Before and After

So much brighter! I love it so much! Now I better get some work done. I have no more excuses!

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11 thoughts on “My Office Reveal

  1. I am just here to find out how laptop matches with the chair and drapes…. I could write in a space like this

    PS Strange, I am envious even though I dont like pink hahaha its definitely not peach, if it were peach it would be a fruit!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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