Digital planning for 2019​​

I dove headfirst into digital planning last September and it has changed my life! I have always been a list maker when it comes to things I need to get done. There is something about crossing things off of a to-do list that makes me feel accomplished and productive. Not to mention if I don’t write it down, I will forget it. I’ve had several planners and bullet journals but my perfectionism always got in the way. I wanted them to be pretty and perfect and I spent more time decorating them than actually using them. Not to mention the expense of pens, markers, stickers, washi tape, templates, paper clips etc etc. Making beautiful planner pages is a great creative outlet but I am too busy these days to keep up with it.

I found Boho Berry digital planners by accident. I was watching YouTube videos about prepping for NaNoWriMo and came across one by Kara Benz, the owner and creator of the Boho Berry Shop. Since I practically live on my iPad, and I couldn’t find a calendar or list making app that I liked, I decided to give it a shot. I do much more than calendar and lists with it though. I created custom pages for things like brain dumping, weight loss tracking, paying my bills, gratitude logs, meal planning and even keeping track of books I’ve read and want to read.

There was a slight learning curve when I got started but thanks to an awesome Facebook group and YouTube videos I mastered it in about a week. It’s not a must but I also purchased an Apple Pencil and it feels just like writing with a pen.

I used the portrait planner in 2018 and played around with decorating and creating pages and layouts and stickers, but for 2019 I purchased the landscape planner and plan to keep it a little more simple. If I’m bored I can always create elaborate layouts using free online images as well as digital stickers that I’ve purchased, but for the most part I just want to keep track of things, plan my months, weeks, days, and cross things off my to-do lists.

Planner from-

App used – Goodnotes

Below are some pictures from my 2018 and 2019 planners.

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3 thoughts on “Digital planning for 2019​​

  1. My heart absolutely loves this! 😍😍😍If I didn’t already purchase a Katie Daisy planner for the year I’d defiantly look into this! Maybe next year?!


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